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Deviled Eggs Sailing Boats Appetizer

Try a delicious deviled eggs sailing boats recipe for a fun and festive dinner.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: European, International, Romanian
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Servings: 12 pieces


  • 100 g ham
  • 100 g mayonnaise
  • 6 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 grated onion
  • 3 teaspoons Romanian zacusca
  • salt
  • pepper
  • dill


  • Cut the eggs lengthwise and remove the yolk.
  • Mix the hard-boiled egg yolks with 2 tbsp mayonnaise into a fine paste.
  • Then add the onion, zacusca, chopped dill into the paste and season with salt and pepper.
  • Fill the deviled eggs with this delicious paste, and arrange them on a serving platter.
  • Decorate the platter with mayo.
  • Cut the ham into small triangles, stick a toothpick in them and pin them in the eggs to look like sailing boats.